summer has arrived after a very long time
the fun will begin as it's time for late nights
taking a break from a boring routiny life
and finally preparing for trips and sunny days out

everybody's calm and rarely they fight
cuz summer comes once, and it's quite shining bright,
purifying the souls by the bless of sun's light
providing the energy to train for everyday's excerise
giving us a new hope whenever the sun starts to rise
and gives us interest in watching the moon's light

summer's night is beautified by the glamour of its sky
the glow of the stars accompanied by a moonshine

day and night summer we do enjoy our lives
the beaches , the pools and the pure blue sky
the warm air , the calm clouds and the birds flying next to kites
the view of the seashore and the glittery sand on its sides

it is the season where fun is always around
putting on everyone's face a warm cute smile
taking away from the hearts the sadness and the deep pain inside
encouraging to move on and start a new life

summer is finally here ...and now it's time for us to shine bright

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