He was King


He was King,

And not because he wore a crown or sat on his throne

But because he made her feel at home

He was King,

 Because he treated her as queen

 Because of how he feind…..

For her……..

And even though she was already his

He loved her as if he was a secret admirer 

He was King,

Because of how he looked into her eyes

And made her feel as if he was looking into her soul

He was King,

 Yet acknowledged being her lover as his greatest role

He threw rose pedals at her feet because he cherished the ground

She walked on

He was King,

Because he gave her a “Once Upon A Time”

That same fairytale I read that had me ready for mine

That same “Once Upon A Time” I wanted way before I knew the meaning of love

That love I wanted, before I discovered what an unhappily ever-after was

He was King,

And he made me

Believe one day I would find one,

Who walked like one

Talked like one

One who would find me…..

Thought I met a few,

 Who I read about or saw on TV

They would even wine and dine me

But I found myself blinded by those who imitated


My perception of he, who was king

So I traded the crown I once wanted for temporary flings

Cause detached relationships made it easier to run away with no strings

So I’d keep on running

Until eventually one day my glass slipper would navigate him into finding


More than a King,

He was a work of art

 & even as a little girl I knew whoever he was he already had my heart

I knew if he existed outside of my TV screen

I’d be his queen

And even though I was already his

He’d feind,

For me…

See he was King

And not because that was the title in which he was assigned

But because I was his and he was  mine

For He was King….

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Loved it! Great ride... :)

Loved it! Great ride... :)

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