Where shall we go?

Across the ocean to distant lands,

Where creatures are peculiar,

And nature dominates the painted man?

Shall we reach that place?

Where love thrives amidst luminous streets

And music serenades the open city air;

A place where the heart burns with passion

And there is not a single care?

Or do we desire those golden fields:

Vast and brown, delicate yet whimsical;

Where the breeze caresses the hair

And the barley grows high; trying to grab your hand,

A place where night brings forth wonder, and the stars

Shine like blue torches illuminating the land?

Where, where, do you wish to venure!

It does not matter to me! For wherever you, I will go

And wherever you are, I will also be.

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Buddy! :D Hurry up and come

Buddy! :D Hurry up and come back already.

I'll explain it to you in full, send me a private message.

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I'll be in church on the 3rd

I'll be in church on the 3rd of April ;)

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Beautiful imagery!  Just one

Beautiful imagery!  Just one question: what is the image?  What is being portayed?