Where its Hot

I hear people shout
And know why they scream
In horror they behold
What no man should ever see
They crawl back and forth
Wishing they had done
One less wrong thing
The heat it burns like the sun
Their regret it stings; like fangs sunk
Into the soles of their feat
They cry,
But their tears cannot reach their lips,
They have not drunk for at least a thousand years,
And they will never drink again—not at least, until, eternity ends.

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Sigh... it seems there is

Sigh... it seems there is nothing left for me to say! Your poems are all so amazing, and this one is no different. Seems fairly short compared to past works... I really like it though!!!

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Everytime I read one of your comments.. It makes me happy, because your really supportive and uplifiting. Thanks ;]