The Tunnel

As I walk through the darkness
I trip and stumble
Following unknown paths
Through fallen rubble
And I wonder
Through the ages
How many Mountains
Here have crumbled.

I soon find a tunnel
Where the darkness resides
Far back into complete blackness
With no light visible
At the other end
And I ponder
If I should follow its darkness
I do—praying
That it will eventually
Reach the light

In the tunnel
I walk through the veils
And shadows of creatures
Those try to grasp my hand
And lead me back
To where I began
But I resist and fight
I wish to seek the truth
And only the light

But my sight is hindered
Seeing only through cloudy glass
Trying to make out in its entirety
That silhouette I see
At the other end
But I can only reason
And speculate—
Try to understand

But I wish to know
The truth in its fullness
But my will holds me back
I am now to scared to venture
Through to the end of this tunnel
I was brave once, but now I am scared
Fearful at the thought of becoming
Something that’s not who I am

I stand in the darkness
I can now see the light
But I have been in this tunnel
For too long
It would only burn my eyes
And leave me running back
To what is familiar;
This tunnel,
Its darkness,
Back to who I think I am.

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Hmmmm... very interesting. A representation of truth perhaps? This poem feels very deliberate in its message. Very mysterious, very perplexing! I like it but wish I knew more behind its reason. Keep it man. Love your work. :)