Cruel Fate

Oh loneliness you comfort me, but I resent the very thought of you,
I don’t want you, yet you are all I have,
We are hand and hand everywhere we go, but yet I am still alone!
All alone…In the midst of company and in the solitude of night,
In crossing tumult paths and facing dire plights,
Around strangers and lovers alike,
I am yet alone…
But in the depths of darkness I find my light,
In the numbness of my depression I garnish insight,
And with it I see the future;
a white, barren land,
Desolate and raw,
void of light,
All forged from chance’s spite.
Facades, facades have masked who I am,
Facades, facades have become what I am,
Sadness, sadness once a guest,
Is now here to stay,
Happiness, Happiness, asleep
Happiness, Happiness, I cannot awake.

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strawberrryjenn's picture

OMGG wowow!! i lovee this!!

OMGG wowow!! i lovee this!! so great, inspirational, powerful. so beautiful and rich with emotion!!! and the ryhmes are great! good job :)

forever and always <3 Jenn

TheShadowKnows's picture

WOW... just wow! I really

WOW... just wow! I really like it. :)