The sand in my toes

The breeze flowing across the water

The sun in all its glory..radiant

Children building castles

Gulls searching for treats to seduce their palates

Tanners full of oil

Lovers hand and hand

Picnic hampers full of food

I breath deep absorbing all I see

Families spending time together

At one with nature but, for a moment in time

The power if it all I pause

I feel at peace, so serene

Childrens's laughter surrounds me

Gramma and grampa barefoot holding hands

Dogs catching balls 6 feet high!

An involuntary smile, a quiet giggle

Taking it all in, every detail forever etched

For one rainy day I'll be here again.....the beauty of it all

A tear of joy I shed

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just a winter day spent dreaming......remembering the beach and all the joy it brings me

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. Donkerman's picture

Dear Jo-anne

What a lovely poem about the beach - a sandcastle-poem...

I live next to the Coral Sea, on the beach - and how happy I am, for I certainly live in paradise!

A love poem filled with the emotion of sand-betweent-he- toes!


Helen Schmidt's picture

Thanks so much for the trip to the beach! I loved your poem. What a pleasure to read! Helen

Charles Cisco's picture

Lovely, it sure does take away the winter blues. Makes you think of all the good things that happen at the beach.