"Post Poem City"

The "Post Poem City" under the warm , silent shade of lonely neighbours

On the streets dust and pollen dancing in the gush of the breeze

I sit , wondering on wood burnt table of insomania , under the words of absolute reality

The walls naked and through the windows i see the "Post Poem City" in the palms of the wilderness

I call out to all Poets under the moon writing inconsolable odes of eternity on the knitted page of fate

Ink of their aloft fountains of heart , float through my room near the cottage of silence in the meadows

We learn to live under the shelter of night , together we embrace the rain in our arms

Such streams of consiousness leave the imprints on the path of freedom

We dance , We howl.


The rooftops sung blues to the countless candles burning on the window sills of this city

Stars coming down to console the flame that burns high in our souls,

Seize this day here , right now ! right here!

Before the earth speaks out its grieve off all these years of burden 

The earth will break its back carrying us to heaven.

I call out to the mad , insane , choatic pens resting in the arms of peotry

Write O' the pens of truth , write with choas , formless on the earth

Make us see that we are free , always when even when they killed our Poets in wars

In their homes , with children staring in the eyes of their father , mother , sisters , brothers , friends 

Speechless in this "Post Poem City I am"

There is grief , I howl .



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I love the comparison to a

I love the comparison to a 'city'. Also, this..my favorite line--the truth, however sad...it is always nice to see truth -----."The earth will break its back carrying us to heaven."

...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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Thankyou , It is sad, :(  

Thankyou ,

It is sad, :(


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Comment on 'Post Poem City'

Your description of nature and the oneness you find with nature and poets, is fantastic. 


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Thankyou ben  I appreciate

Thankyou ben 

I appreciate it.