My Sweet Kitties

My new kitten is so tiny, she fits on a washcloth folded;
From the wonderful feline family, she was molded.
All of my kitties are so cute and sweet;
Two of them bigger; the kitten, petite.
But, I have feelings for all of them inside my soul;
To fill up where the one who just passed away left an empty hole.
Life is moving on from there;
As I sit on a pillow at my computer instead of a chair;
To type out all of my feelings here on this site;
My heart is soaring, as does a kite.
For, I feel better and better as I write;
So, I can have a good morning, noon, and night.
But, back to Reese's; she's changed my life;
So, I can be a content common-law wife.

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Love song

ti is wonderful! keep it up!!!