My Thoughts About Deer Hunters

Nature Poetry

Doe are lovely; I tell no lies;
As beautiful as butterflies.
Doe are precious creatures in cartoons or reality;
As long as they don't suffer fatality.
Many people have car accidents because of deer;
That much, in life, is very clear.
But, I hate it when deer are purposefully hunted;
Every time I hear about human killers, I feel they should be punted.
For, a hunter is not angelically controlling the deer population;
From this idea, hunters need to take a vacation.
Hunters are just enjoying taking life;
Then gutting their kills with a knife.
But, it can be excused if you are feeding your family;
For, you to perch behind a tree.
Then you stalk and hunt your pray;
But, I still don't want to see a dead deer, anyway.

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poet610's picture

nice write

good poem and flows well.
a very Creative topic also.
keep penning