I miss you

I miss the days where we where ok.

I miss the days where we where each others best friends.

I miss the days where we smiled and laughed so deeply, about nothing.


Nothing at all. 

It feels so empty, so lonely.

I miss you so deeply.


Where did the love go? 

I know its still there, but why are we so mean?

The tears in my eyes, no longer mean a thing.


I miss the days where we cooked togeather.

I miss the days we slept beside each other.

I miss the days we inhaled each other.


Other then us being in the same room, what do we do?

Nothing. We sit in the same stale room, with the tv on as background noise,

so we dont have to talk to each other.


It doesnt have to be about anything at all, no how was your days,

as long as its something. Ask me about my favorite smell, my safe place, and about the freckle on my leg.


I miss how we used to lay in each others arms, and all would be well.

I miss how you smell. I feel like we havent been near each other in a year.

I miss how you spoke so sweetly to me, how no man has ever before. respectful, kind, and alive.


Alive, barely hanging on, soon to be nothing left..

I miss us so deeply, im fighting to hold on. Im begging,

im praying, please god help me be a better me, let us get through this madness.


I love you , I need you, I want you. 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

to my russ. 

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maybe just a few

maybe just a few changes,maybe it`s time to go

we get so use to each other we don`t try anymore

ron parrish