Grow old beside me?

God is this true, have i fallin for you?

The awnser is yes.


I want to grow old beside you. I want to always work things out. 

I want to spend every night and day beside you. I want to tell you good morning,

and good night. I want to always give you 3 kisses.  I want to remind you how much I love you,

on the bad days.


I want to share every secret with you, every story.  I want to tell you all the things i never told anyone else.

Im in no rush, after all, I want to share forever with you.  Every day laughing, crying, and picking at each other, so theres somethng to look forward to.


I want to meet your children, and you get to know mine, we blend these familes, and make one.

To care for these children, to teach them, to love them with all of our hearts, to help raise them into handsome little men. I want them to know im excited to meet them, and cant wait to show them my love. Show them how much i love their father .


I want to grow and teach each other as we age in this life time.  I want to fight when we need to, care when you fight it means you care. I want to always go to bed the right away, never angry. I want to always say i love you after every phone call.


I want to show you a forever and always, I want to show you, I love you. 

So lets grow old, day by day, lets show this world, what we got. Nobody can hold us back.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love you Randall. Your wonderful my love. You are the apple of my eye, and the beat in my chest. I love you more then i have ever loved anyone in my life .You have given me back my sparks. :) I love you, lets grow old my love.

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This is really cute. May your

This is really cute. May your love last forever.