Little one in the sky.



Little one in the sky, Im sorry I didnt get to say hi.

Im sorry I didnt get to hold you. mourn you properly.


I will never know what color your eyes should have been,

Nor will i know the smell of your hair. 


Never know who you would look like, me or your father. 

You never got to have a name.


Little one in the sky, Im sorry it was your time.

I never got to say goobye. 


You where loved from the moment I knew i was expecting.

I couldnt wait for you to arrive, and i wasnt far along.


I Already was looking at names, your father and I

where so excited. You would have been the best thing in his life.


We both where so crushed, We couldnt get past it. 

We loved you so much. 


Lttle one in the sky, Please watch over me, 

I still love you, you would have been my 3rd child.



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misscarriage june 25

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sorry for your loss.

sorry for your loss.