Good girls make mistakes too.

Good girls make bad mistakes.

Good girls look like sluts when they want to enjoy themselfs.

How is that fair?

If guys do it they are studs.


Oh ya thats the double standard at play.


Good girls wanna be loved, yet they find love in all the wrong places.

They find all teh bad boys, who want to hurt them over and over again.


Yet they stay till they cant deal with the fights and hits anymore.

Blow after blow, hit after hit, fight after fight, they finally find their breaking points.


Good girls make bad mistakes.

Who are you to judge me, just because i did something stupied,

doesnt mean im horrible. It means im human.


Let me live, let me make mistakes, let me forget,

time to forgive.


Good girls make mistakes too. 


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We all make mistakes.  Then

We all make mistakes.  Then we overcome them