all these vocies in my head,

why cant they shut up and let me be dead?


I would love to let go and fall asleep,

please never wake me.


God take my soul, I was never whole.

Take what is left, and let it all be behind me.


All these voices in my head,

someone get me a exersist.


My days haunt me like a ghost,

sad thing is nobody knows.


Someone please save me, 

I am so close to failing.


Saying goodbye to this place,

Im starting to go insane. 


all these voices in my head,

will be the reason i am dead.

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Head voices

There's quieter voices behind the racket of the cruel voices that are filled with joy and hope. They Are in there, it's just harder to hear them sometimes. When my cruel ones get too loud, I use my breath to quiet them so I can hear the softer voice of my own spirit. We are strong, we can fight the self destructive thinking! Finding something, anything, however small to be grateful for goes a long way. I've noticed that the universe responds quite nicely to gratitude. 


The struggle is real...

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