Country boy

Country boy you arent like any man i have met before.

Country boy you arent from here, you didnt grow up here.


You make me laugh, and smile like i have never before.

You drive me mad, I cant get you off my mind.


You arent my type, I dont date good ol boys.

What is this crazyness? 


You have never been in trouble,

never stole a thing, never smelled like smoke,

yet you have caught my eye that night.


Sweet smile, and twinkling eyes,

wanting to be loved like we all do.


Country boy, you are stealing my heart,

one day at a time, you got past my gate.


Maybe one day ill be stealing your last name.


Country boy what are you doing chasing after a punk girl like me?

Our love comes so easily , nothing is faked. 


Country boy, I like you this way,

a good boy , might be a good thing for me.



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this might be the one

this might be the one

ron parrish