Once upon a lifetime

Once upon a life time,


I finally met a good man, with a heart of gold, who with a touch of my hand and a smile on his face,

caught my eye, and cast a spell on me. Entrancing me in those blue eyes of his , making me fall fast.


Not like all the others that i have spent my time with, all the bad boys, the villins. 

Finally a hero, a prince, walks into my story. 


Once upon a life time,

I may have found the man Im supposed to spend my life with,

maybe he is the one, instead of all the ones who break me slowly.


What is this madness? 


I have never met someone quite like you before.

You have taken my breath away.


You make it awkward for me today, I never know what to say,

you tell me how pretty i am, and kiss my hand,  god is this what romance is?


Someone who kisses me good morning, and tucks me into bed,

someone who listens to my every thought, and tells me it will all work out.


You push me for my dreams to come true, who knew i would ever find you.

Im taking it slowly, but your stealing my heart.


Since when do i give good boys a chance?

Maybe its about time, cause all the bad boys break me.


Once upon a lifetime, maybe this will end in happily ever after.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

So for once in my life i fell in love with a good man, who isnt a bad boy, who respects me. He wants me for me, and takes me as  I am.

It is such a strange feeling to have someone return the feelings i give. Im not used to this lol i feel spoiled. But maybe that is what its suposed to feel after so many years of angry men. Finally found a man who looks at me like im the prettiest thing ever, and tells me he wants a forever beside me. Maybe this is a once in a life time chance.

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