Healing the scars you made

Scars and open wounds

stichs and glue, are no match for you.


There is no drying up the flow, that you have started.

who is going to clean up the mess you made?

Guess its up to me to see to it.


No more lies, no more late night cries.

Im going to smile and laugh till the late hours of the night.


Im not one to pray, but im gonna ask for some help down here,

I need some questions awnsered, and some pointers.


Show me the way , shine the light for my eyes,

let me see the path way that is right again.


TIme for me to rise, and shine,

and close all the scars up and forget you like i left you yesturday.



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The path lays there

In your very own heart


Rise and shine!

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