i can hear them calling

voices of torment

like a collective mind

following me into my deepest dreams

waking up to a demonic presence

holding me down

as i feel my life slowly slipping away

i continue to fight

seeking God's salvation

yet all i receives is Lucifer's damnation

i beg for forgiveness

i cry deep sorrows

every night before my eyes can close

wishing i will no longer be alone

fighting a battle that will never end

i am nothing but a withered man

weak by regrets of memories

i try to forget

can i love once again

i see the shadow of darkness

slowly gaining ground

is it my end of days

God's angels hear my plead

take me from hell's reaching hand

take me away from this pain

before i wake

i beg of you yet nobody listens

am i truly alone

or am i not worthy to call

heaven my home

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