Never Be Peace (chicano version)

of course i want peace

on this chicano streets

writing poetry and spitin verses

never paint a pretty picture

it never works

but the pain i held

for so long still hurts

holdin onto my pillow tight

at nite i dream

for a betta tomorrow

for our kids

where they can run in peace

remicsin about memories

the daily teen pressures

yet you survive through tactics

and deadly messures

this is to my community

we need to hold on

enough of body droppin

young kids be shot at

they need to get the steppin

keeping my eye on my weapon

my mind that is

gotta protect ourselves

before we sieze to exist

prayin for a betta tomorrow

but you young homies

cant never be reach

and yet you grap your piece

shooting everyday in sight

even little kids

we need to come together

nomore hispanics causing panic

and we need to squash the hatered

cuz in our streets

they could never be peace

got love for the youngstas

all my homitas raise em up

be proud of who are

your a shooting star

yet your lively in a man's world

got no self control

always beating on you

costand struggles

yet he dont love you

your conviced he'll change

for the betta

but yet you aint seen betta


mija keep your head up

i promise it'll get betta

just dont forget i'll catch yall

if you fall

just call i be there

cuz i care believe me

homegirls it aint easy

growin up in the hood

vatos are always up to no good

being a single mother

or a daughter

it doesnt matter

i got love for yall

cuz in this cold streets

even after we die

they will never be peace

man you people talking about peace

its just a dream

watching ppl gettin shot everyday

bodies still droppin

and mothers crying

tell me how could there ever be peace

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