I wake up every morning

wishing for the best

but the pain grows deep inside my chest

i cannot contain

this nomore the pain overtakes

and i am thrown

out of life out of mind

i can never see the light

love was never felt

never touched

i waited for the moment

to hold it

every second seems golden

but my emotionals exploded

people bully me

people brother me

laught at me

and yet do not understand me

why judge a book by it's cover

kick me while im down and call me a coward

never had a chance to stand up for myself

God forgive me i dont wanna see hell

but suicide is my only help

to release the pain that its held

within no quiet wind

like a storm the cosumes all

watch me as i fall

nomore lies

nomore sorrow, pain, and hate

just a reject

who was never understood

and always treated like a fool

i wish life was betta on me

but i will never see the light before me

forgive me as i say my last words

its time for me to leave this world

where i was forever cold

don't forget to visit my tomb

where i remain alone

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dark_n_lost's picture

This is very good...I really love this....Good work...Keep it up!!!...Love

Melissa's picture

Wow! great poem, but once again, work on the grammar!