Evil Man In The Mirror


Evil man in the mirror, what are you doing here? Did you come for my little brother? He is in his room sleeping. He doesn't like you, you know? Why do you look so ugly Mr.? What happened to you? Why wont you talk? I demand you speak to me what is your name? I can't understand you, you are gurgling too much. What are you here for? Give me some kind of sign. Why are you pointing at me? Do you want to be my friend? I don' care if you're ugly. "Aaaahhh!" I will be right back my brother must have had a nightmare. Stay put now.........(5 min later)....I'm back Where did you go? You're not in the mirror anymore. Fine be that way. Hmph! "Come here" Is that you ugly man? "Come here" Okay, I am coming, geez. Where are you at? "Over here" I think I see you behind the shower curtain. "Come" I'm coming...and you're not in the bathtub. Stop playing games. "No over here" Gasp! Don't hide behind the closet door like that! You're getting guts everywhere! Ugh! What's that in your hand? "Your brother's middle finger" Oh no no no! Where is he you bastard?! "I ate him, and I need more.." You're crazy! This can't be happening! "Just relax, it will only hurt for a little bit" Noooooooooooo!Get off of me! OUCH! AAAHHHHHHH! I beg you I am only 12 years old! Aaahhhh! Mom! Dad! God! Help! I am being murdered! Help, help, help me, he---............

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