Unintelligible Grunts

Shit straight up in the air, surprised that now its rainin

knotted deltoids, facade aint worth maintainin

forgot your face, but never forget your complainin

that I should understand hyperspheres, no explainin

perennial reject, inner circle abstainin

a beautiful defect, clamoring to obtain it

amoral reflex, now my neck's cranin

you say I aint got no respect, veiny pupil strainin

I'd beg to differ but I've lost my mug sent

by derranged freedom fighters who find it repugnant

that I haven't gauged out my eyeballs, find my fingers too dirty

truthfully they'd rather just stay flirty with qwerty

she's such a nice gal, exaltant form, highbrow 

but when I ask her out, she just says I'm a great pal,

a battle royale betwixt the rest of her suitors

a game that delights her, most disconcerting

a contest absurd, with the lines so far blurred

yet we trudge toward obliteration insomuch undeterred

a slow word, infirm herd, a hurricane, a dead bird

the net worth of a slingshot's quintoupled, haven't you heard?

But were too busy identifying the Atomic Clock

Is it the man with the sticks or the man in the smock?

Deconstructing reality, you're Sulu I'm Spock

wait, I don't get that reference; guess I'm cut from the wrong stock

So much green in between extremes, why pick em

forget mediating conflicts, ere boy sic em

my bro's croakin, I'm still tokin; flames died but still smokin,

hourglass newly broken, slant concoction like Tolkien

finally found my love bound by devious vows misspoken

fuck standards, fuck precedent, fuck bars, fuck notions,

fuck style, fuck swag, fuck color, fuck lotions

fuck acceptance, fuck rejection, fuck contacts, fuck schemes

fuck perspective, fuck perception, fuck art, fuck dreams.

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SSmoothie's picture

A standing ovation!!!! Love

A standing ovation!!!! Love it! 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

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Simply awesome! So many great lines & great tone throughout! Grrrrrrrrr!!!

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lol, just some noobtastic

lol, just some noobtastic rhymes

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I was gonna grunt... but it

I was gonna grunt... but it was unintelligible. ;)

Copyright © morningglory

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haaaa you so silly :P

haaaa you so silly :P