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On a hero's journey
to find the orb of wonder
cross this charred and blackened land
the war has torn asunder
the sky is streaked with blood stains
of the very stars
illuminate the cove of secrets
in which the box is harbored
stumbling forth with hands outstretched
catching razor wire
undulate in rapid winds
that shake to your desires
climbing over ragged peaks
sliding into glens
running out of water
mirage my greatest friend
lead me to death valley
souls entrapped forever
under floors of vice and rage
lines to light are severed
*Thump thump*
The call to glory repeats
thunder cadence rising
to an undead fleet
marching toward flaming pillar
marking the dragon's lair
guarding the gilded box
flanked by a pair
of animated clay statues
known as Ego and Id
melting warring with the lizard
from the lair they fled
*Thump thump*
Bleat the sirens call
lure me to a liquid grave
walk towards the advancing wall
of mottled flesh and splayed bone
droning warcry of the fallen
trying to end my noble travels
death is spread like poison pollen
search until my eyes flow
leave no stone unturned
trail of lies lead to the cave
at which my blood is spurned
falling through rings of fire
slam to the cavern floor
statues heads lay at my feet
protect the worn oak door.
Open portal to salvation
oblong box rattles and shakes
kneel and pray Ive found my salve
to end my mental earthquake
*Thump thump*
Red and beautiful
*thump thump*
Quiver and writhe
*Thump thump*
flow with lifewater
*Thump thump*
Found my pride.

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Red is my second favorite

Red is my second favorite color ;) nice one mr poofs!

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