Walking Dead

Gnashing teeth cleave the night
shadow flash, vicious bite
coursing venom corrupted core
thirst for blood forevermore.
Now I'm walking dead, with a broken head
legions of flies surround my brain
everything's a lie, fuckin zombified
never look at you the same
rotting feast for all of you
optic cortices devoured
writhing maggots tunnel through
treading over opulent flower
broken corpse, shamble forth
languid limbs they fray and tear
wading cross a droning horde
milky iris blank'd stare
nowhere to go, nowhere to be
dissolving under pouring skies
thunderous replies, you've so many eyes,
why don't you decide for me?
The world is broken in your sight
abominable unyielding plight
In blindness everything is beautiful
but damn this shit is rank
claw at the mass that makes me run
I've got to get you out
sacrifice the golden gun
racked with hate, a silent shout.
Insatiable is the desire
spreading my hate disease
walk through walls of frozen fire
boiling flesh off of my knees.

Walk on.
Leave a wake of dead.
Walk on.
One day I'll have your head.
Tears fall.
Soiled, vulcanized.
I crawl.
Curse the day I cannibalized.
Washed walls.
With sacrificial blood.
Heart stalls.
Dredge through fleshy sludge.
Forever trail.
March a thousand days.
You flail.
Caught in my feeding craze.

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long detailed graphic and engrossing with many levels of psychology presented to the reader! what a tiz so much going on!!! what a mind! and its not even my thing well, i did play resident evil for four weeks straight!!! lo! Cheers ss

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