Pilfered Prayers

Watching life flow by

a coagulated river of filth

in this static chamber

in which suffocating fireflies

are devoured for their light.

Is he dead because Im crazy

or been told too many times Im lazy

and will never amount to anything

unless I throw my embraces nightmares away.

All I ever wanted was to pretend

to make art for mass consumption\

but only first if its been rationalized

as a pretentious gathering of lusty

hopes colored midnight to escape the gaze

that rent this heart in ribbons

as it flickered and was lost to the wind.

They say if I commend your effort

to ruin my life I'll pass the impossible test

and gain a forever in dalliance sublime

in the golden glory of your body

but I refuse; though the reason remains unclear.

Perhaps I'm obstinate; perhaps Im stupid

perhaps Im the unchangeable continuation of

the time they said you begun

and was impossible to destroy.

But I did.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

angray and sadd and lost. Feeling impotent to the highest degree. Honestly I just wanted to get high and watch cartoons and play the drums. But noooooooooo

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schmuckjones's picture

But Noooo...

Nice write Mr. Poofs.  An excellent piece to read with a nice flow.  Also something that will be interesting to read 2 years from now if you ever decide to look back.  Thank you for sharing!  Damn feelings, making us feel stuff.  Cartoons rock!  Actually all 3 of those things mentioned rock.  Be Well sir.

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Thank you sir! Means quite a

Thank you sir! Means quite a bit. Yeah cartoons are the best, as are drums. weed Im not so sure anymore. And working on it.