Stumble about, a sot devout

below trouble a' brewin

hazy gaze, carpet maze

the ladies defy my wooin

rising bile, corrupted file

memories a blanket of black

world is spinning, cant stop grinning

when Im reminded the fact

that at the wheel, I forgot the feel

of keeping lifes control

scorching tires, descend to pyres

trying to make myself whole

by skipping pain, soaked by rain

that burns at eighty proof

douse the lake with thirst unslaked

my end a tragic spoof

of my fathers fate, a lifetime late

from revelry with his lover

does he remember the hate he tendered

by leaving a lonely mother

to raise a clone that when hes grown

refuses to learn from stories

and hits the bottle when wishing to be coddled

riding Styx keepers lorry.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for ashes Im drunk. Began with levity but turned serious as Im wont to do.

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djtj's picture

Yeah It did

Start out happy but dont we all start out happy... I enjoyed the ride all the way down

mrpoofs's picture

thanks yo. I shall sojurn in

thanks yo. I shall sojurn in your realm again soon.