Lying in this darkened, musty room

the shamans rite fortells my doom

a liars fortune in his palms

my death struck from the wisemans palms.

Symbols etched into the white

his occupation stealing mental sight

another coin buys my time

another future in my mind.

The shaman mumbling incantations

of the grave diggers first cremation

calling magic from the flames

culling power from beasts untamed.

Another roll, phlanges cast

he laughs this night may be my last

so drink to health that evades

ones whove rotten luck in spades.

One way to break fates waiting curse

is to find salvation through rebirth

and steal the soul of counterparts

that reside in everdark.

I'll begin my journey with this letter

in case my life never betters

walking down this path alone

guided by broken prayer bones

searching for a newfound home.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for ashes bones

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Carcass's picture

I like this one, it hits

I like this one, it hits home. I feel as though I'm the one in the poem because I experienced something so similar to this.

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thanks! Always nice to find

thanks! Always nice to find yourself through others.