Slave Name

Who am I? One shadowbound

The wraith that haunts your lucid screams

I'm shuckin and jivin, a niggaman clown

youve owned them all but you wont own me.

Spit out my moniker so hateful and red

your chains force my knees into sodden dirt

my children beg at your tables for crusted bread

my descendants commit crimes based on naught by my hurt.

I sweat in your fields, picking your throne

I was once a prince in a land far away

sold by a shaman for etched prayer bones

I'll dwell in servitude until my final days.

You'll steal my woman, soil her pride

breaking her soul with a careless night

my hate resides within me, time I will bide

until my bretheren are strong enough to weep and fight.

Your whips slash my back, dripping red life

I gnash my teeth as I plan my escape

your hounds catch my scent, raised in rage and strife

you lie when you claim we're not equal descendants of apes.

Who are you? One smothered in greed

forsaking your god for a pile of gold

I sweat, I toil, I cry, I breed

so in your next life you'll be the one sold.

I'll be your ruler if I may be so bold.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

stigma and junk

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Sassylass's picture

Mr Poofs

my blue Catapillar Friend,

youve been tripping on thoughts clearly defined within this wonderful

penning of experiences. well done!

you excelled in vivid imagery!

i enjoyed!


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



mrpoofs's picture

thank you! I like your stuff

thank you! I like your stuff too.