Psi Shatter



A thousand purple pieces

glittering int he sunlight

asking a baleful sky

why they are strewn about

like the forgotten memories

of the herbs indulger

and never recieve a satisfactory answer.


The light and love they refract

and bathe naked revelers with

was never meant to be thiers;

yet they hoard iit with

the cunning ardor of an

invisible dragon guarding

his fortune of dirt.


on to an unraveling strand

that once belonged to a ragdoll

who never recieved the love

she was made for

and instead earned the ire

of the rabid manchild

who never really understood

what madness was;

yet felt its heavy hand

each time he closed his eyes.


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Totally enjoyed this, Poofs. I went mad a long time ago. Thinking about reinstating it with an embrace. Thoughts?

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Thanks yo! Been enjoying you

Thanks yo! Been enjoying you too. As for madness, its a double edged sword...things get weird anf you meet interesting people, but it can get you into deep kemchi. I say do it!

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Thanks for your support man! I'm sweatin... Nerves, heat, flies... Pacing. Ok, it'll happen soon. 

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