Tidal Wave


Waves thrash against the ships hull

rocking her with the violent care

of a mother at her wits end

with a wayward child.

Black shapes dart about in

the foamy blue of mystery

all scale and tooth and cartilage

searching for another future to wreck

in the maddening throes of famishment.

Leap into the fridgid water and find

that worlds apart thrive away

from the prying eyes that the foolish believe

that the landlocked are superior

for needing no auxilary organs

to soak in the love

that the creator hopes we will miss.

The vents of the deep provide

a wonderful story of juxtaposition

that life can thrive in the most

hostile of circumstances and that

those who have it easy have no

idea of what they could really be

if they put their minds to test.

So dive down into the blackened deep

and drown with the songs

of the sirens whose beauty

is only eclipsed by their loneliness.

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Tallulah's picture


deep, and mysterious. Enjoyed reading...but I kept thinking about Jaws

mrpoofs's picture

haha I did too when I was

haha I did too when I was writing. Guess it seeped in a bit too much. Thanks for reading!