Pillar of Flame


Mantle crust ignites

lighting the sky with vibrance

reaching the moon with your warming touch

a love that never dies.

The eternal flame of youth

reborn every day as you awaken

and bring forth the glory

of the song that is life.

Sometimes the notes are dissonant

a grate against each other

in a discordant birth of chaos

yet still I smile

for I know you are trying.

I shield my eyes from your beauty

as you burn my retinas

from merely existing as

a wonderful dancer and better lover

though I've never known your touch.

Smoke and ash lie in your wake

as you destroy what you

allowed to become king of beasts

through the domesticaton of

what was  never meant to be tamed.

So dance on, oh bringer of light

and give us a reason to die

so we mat burn with you forever.

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Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....