Thunderwave Lyrics





Writhing under a sky red stained

my body's on fire but I feel no pain

transforming from what once was sane

deep inside my soul is aflame



I fly


Your eyes they pierce me deep

never wilting under sweltering heat

direwolves howl when they smell the sheep

that unknowingly make their final bleat


claws that sprout from bony hands

they rake across this broken land

three days ago I made my stand

holding onto a silken strand


that snapped under the weight of this heavy heart

growing darker after the start

of the time where my lover fell apart

of only she could see me now.



I fly


Flames of hell they lick my core

seeking haven in every pore

remembering all I left in store

will rot away forevermore.


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lyrics for a song I wrote with tuxguitar

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it loud and raucous !

rock on, Poofs!

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....