Dearth Later

A vast sea of nothingness

as unending and unyielding as

the mind that created it

on a whim of happenstance

wanting to mean something beyond

self-esteem and broken promises

dominating my shattered vision

as yellow oceans plaease the eye.

Your countenance, as formless and shifting

as the wind on which your cries

for justice in the midst of an uncaring world

is pulled away from my exploratory grasp

and lost forever in the sand

warm and golden as confectioners sugar.

Is evil really truly wanted by those

who excercise its unholy power

or merely stumpled upn when

lust for change overrides suspicion

that the Devil is alive and well.

For the nonbelievers laugh at

the strength and safety of prayer

as they lose themselves to

vice as quickly and easily

as the prodigal son

never returning for reconciliation.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

its ma birthday!

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Birthday!;) Celebrate!!

A well written piece

For us to read and think about.

And here I picked fun at u on ur B-day.

That's it,I'll go quietly now



Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....