No hit, No Kiss

In the stocks again

the farce of a tired man

a spectacle of the square

straining at iron fetters

that have nearly rusted through.

Howl to an azure moon

that wanes to nothing as I hunger

for a taste of the sin for which

I am charged but had no hand in committing.

You approach me with utmost confidence

all sultry lips and sauntering hips

and brush a frozen kiss upon

my liquid, frothing brow

as delicate and broken as

a thousand snowflakes falling

under a solar eclipse.

My mistake will be forgotten

when the eyes inside awaken

an clamor for a vision of cocauphony

of muted gold and tarnished water

engulfed by a black hole

that was once my loves heart.

The trite sounds quite delectable when

pain becomes second nature

and it turns out that crime pays.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the motto of CRH

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