3 or all day?

On long summer days

and frigid winter nights

I fought for glory on hardwood and pavement

the kind that no-one really cares about

but thrives in the most axial part

of this youthful heart and tired soul.

My entire life has been fraught with

trying to help others achieve the

self-confidence and freewheeling joy

that comes from defeating ones contemporaries

in a game that truly means nothing

but with it fortunes are made

generations are defined as stellar

and nations bask in the limelight

of being the very best.

The orange sun rests in my hands

glowing with the memories of days past

and thrumming with the unbridled excitement

of what tomorrows darkness may entail.

So I lace on my throwback kicks

and thank god for this vibrant body

with which beautiful art can be made

poetry in motion

not unlike my strong left hand

holding this pilfered pen.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love basketball. Fave thing after metal

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KindredSpirit's picture

I was here

When it came out of your hand..

It going down.

Nothing but net.


Really like