Fellow Mans Folly

God given land stolen away

fleeing the icy black hand of death

forever marching to western seas

future destoryed by ill-timed plague

and the greed of those who supposedly

desire freedom of expression and lust

for power over the safety of their brethren.

How can we place human beings

on reservations as if they are base animals

whose tusks are prized over their lives?

Three fifths of a person? Please

you must be hitting that fifth

far too often, oh man who claijms equality

for all born true under the sun

yet denies the basic freedoms of those

unfortunate to fall under the misplaced ire

of conquests before that shaped

the hate you hold so dear.

Sure, poison your enemies with radiation

and destruction never before imagined

by the most nimble of creative minds

simply because you fear too much

and know too little about

what war really is. I sure dont.

So what if Moses killed a man?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by the song Indians by Anthrax

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KindredSpirit's picture

Never heard it

I am going to look it up poofs.

Good write.

One of these days I have to write about this

Being 1/4 Native

My grandmother was Full Blood