Hall of Lame

I am an inductee

into the pantheon of losers

where weakness and contrition

are our most forefront of qualities.

I forget of a time when

I longed to be an adult

making decisions that would shape

the world and future of the

ones I hold in highest esteem.

Now I know that responsibility

is overrrated and will kick you

in the face when you are

already on the ground, bleeding and dying.

It will laugh while you scream,

feeding on the fears that emanate

from every tired pore, in a time

where sweat is as precious as gold.

So I stand on my podium

lauding my fellow fools that

embarked on a hero's journey

to become lovers, warriors, legends;

and instead became fascimiles of what they hate,

thin and flammable as kerosene-soaked cardboard.

Clap. Snap a picture, so you can remember me.

I'll never return.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

more sadness. Surprise surprise.

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Tallulah's picture

A lot of good lines. Well

A lot of good lines. Well thought out and penned.

Sassylass's picture


well written if so disalusssional.

bleak. No hope sad.


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



KindredSpirit's picture

Good write

I always read you,  poofs .

Hang in there.


Real good

mrpoofs's picture

thanks man, I try real hard.

thanks man, I try real hard. Ima try try to keep reading yours...just need more time!