I dunno what to name this

With a pen in my hand and a heart full of smiles

the stirrings deep in my chest youve been stoking

there once was a time I was cold like the tiles

before you flew into my llife and you woke me.

Some say the minds a terrible thing to waste

but I think with the heart its more true

I long many nights for just a small taste

of what it truly means to love you.

Smooth and pale skin, a Cheshire grin

with fiery locks adorning your head

youre all that I wanted, perhaps with the sin

that comes from spending all day in bed.

I'll harbor your secrets till the end of days

I think youre beautiful in thirty different ways

everytime I see you my eyes stay amazed

soon one day I'll set your soul ablaze,

We'll dance in the moonlight, rendevous under stars

keeping promises never meant to be made

maybe one day we'll take our love too far

under waterfall's rainbow cascades.

Youre pulling up treasures from my blackened deep

into turbulent uncharted waters I leap

our time here together will surely be sweet

crimson haired siren, sing me to sleep.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

one I wrote for my new girl. Another coming soon. She loved it!

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Crimson Love


Happy for you

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thanks yo!

thanks yo!