I'm gonna make it

I lie in bed with open eyes

and a closed heart

steeling myself against the drudgery

of another day wasted in

this detour from my destiny.

Sleep refuses to come, but I am glad

for when I sleep I dream, I dream that I'm awake

or was that, when I'm awake, I dream that I'm asleep?

Lost forever in a playground of silent hopes,

frolicking in a verdant meadow speckled

with bursts of red and yellow.

They say forever is quite a long time

but I am not so sure.

Perhaps forty years or so of unwanted toil

away from what I truly live for

is just a smidge longer.

I must have no regrets

when I am old and more senile.

My family says I need a backup plan

and that kife on the road will be stressful.

That I need to adjust to life

once this stay in fake living is over.

Fuck that shit. I'm in it to win it, baby

and victory is but a few steps away.

For money is nothing but a number

and eating is overrated anyway.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I've decided, with utmost conviction, that once I get out of here I'm going to live out my dreams, no matter what. I'm going to be a writer and musician, and nothing can stop me. I may not be rich, I may not eat much, but Ima do it, goddammit.

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I'm Gonna Make It

Love it...resonated with me...thank you

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glad I could help! Thanks for

glad I could help! Thanks for reading