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To my therapist I am apparently

a Komodo dragon breathing

cold emerald flames over

innocent bystanders that scream

I am burninating all the peoples

in thier thatched roof cottages.

However, I feel that I am superman

with a kryptonite heart

that kills me with every shaken beat

that sends unconquerable death

into the depths of what

truly marks me as one of the insnae;

this mind that fails me.

So I fly above a patchwork landscape

of those like me and those who laugh derisively

at the notion that divine motion

and love can be one and the same.

I breathe deeply of the wind

that suffocates those fools;

I drink heartily from the river

that runs swollen and quiet

threatening to soil their

shag carpets on which

there is no shagging.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thinking of naming a band this. Quite pretentious!

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This one is a winner

Like it a lot.