Theres no bell shaped curve

a graph absurd

that can hold me down.

escaping the gray

that shows you the way

laughing like a sadistic clown.

The lines all lie

alyways saying goodbye

to those that think uniquely

when searching for truth

I belt oaths uncouth

when the facts strike me obliquely

I'm out in the cold

searching lands untold

far away from the norm

will I ever go back

surviving deadly attacks

from the masses that create blackened storms.

What does it mean?

what can you glean

from these rhymes decidedly average

Am I making any sense?

Have I lost all pretense

or do I bark words like a savage?

This ones almost done

I hope youve had some fun

laughing as I attempt

to pretend I'm one of a kind

yet I know that I'll find

that you all hold me in contempt. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Trying so hard.

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KindredSpirit's picture


My honest opinion.


Predictable at times

But what can you do

With a ryhyme

But sometimes

Have to go with it.


It's better than

Out in the woods


Who's bullshittin' who

When you know

That the bear

Is watchin'.




It's OK Mr. Poofs

Just so you know

Me and the Bear

Understand Ya.

mrpoofs's picture

yeah this wasnt my best

yeah this wasnt my best effort. Putting it all out anyway, ya know? Thanks for offering your honest opinion and reading.

KindredSpirit's picture

Everything can't be

A Masterpiece.

Don't expect it to be

For anybody.

Me and you included.

Like you said,   " you try ".

And that is better than most.