Found Out

Aw, shit.

She learned my darkest secret.

The life-altering fact

that I wished to hide away

until this planets final days.

I'm so ashamed of what I did

and in my heart of hearts I know

I will only be half a man.

I just want to make her happy,

yet I made her furious and afraid

through my not-too-subtle

lack of truth.

Will she make me whole?

Or will our relationship crumble

under the withering stare

of an angry sun.

I'm so sad and dead and afriad

knowing that true love will elude me forever

every time my fault is found,

as on this tumultuous day.

Or have I already found it?

I sure hope so.

If not then I'll turn up my collar

against the bracing winter winds

of lonliness and dispair

and trudge down the ragged path

of one of the forsaken.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

damn you internet.

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KindredSpirit's picture


I feel bad for you poofs.

This is like a mystery.

Nothing is hidden anymore.

But it doubley sux when they get it all wrong.