Too Happy Here?

You say you are confused

because I seem to be enjoying

myself in the center of this chaotic vortex

that has become of my life.

What do you want me to do?

Break someones face?

Run naked through the mall?

Go on a hunger strike?

Maybe I should try to commit suicide again

if only it would make you realize

I truly understand the gravity

of the situation I am in.

Honestly, I'm happy because I am here

instead of spending the rest of my life in prison

for a moment of weakness toward

the ails that plaugue me.

Here, I get to listen to music I love;

I get to create wonderful sound with my hands;

I have female companionship.

In short, I have a semblance of a life,

instead of getting shanked int the shower.

I know I may hide when the sadness hits me.

I know my moments of fragility are

kept secret from my friends.

I miss my father more than

anything on this little dirtball.

So you think I'm not taking this seriously?

You think I'm playing a game?

Belay that noise.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my treatment team

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KindredSpirit's picture

Some people can't' let you

Have a squinch of happiness

When you find it.

Like you say mrpoofs.

Belay away.