As I awake on this foggy morn

I know I have lost again.

I just cant seem to be able to do

what I know in my heart I should.

What is holding me back?

Fear of rejection, per diem.

What is it that I lack?

The stalwart soul of the warrior.

As a man I am meant to conquer

these niggling little doubts that

hide in the recessed corners of my mind.

Yet I reside in the clutches of trepidation

that pulls me down into the

reaches of crushing oblivion.

Will I ever escape?

Or will I dwell forever inside myself?

I hide behind written word

trying to shield my twisted face

from the ripping winds of judgement.

I truly wish to be your new flame,

to dance with you in the infinite depths

of hate disgised as love.

I just want for you to be happy

with me, the loser.

I want you to make me a new man.

Today I stake my claim

in the wilds oif young love;

yet I am not the hardy frontiersman.

I write poetry, for lifes sake.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I called her! It did not go well.

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You're like my little buddy.

You'll be OK.


You are better than she thinks.

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haha thanks man. She is now

haha thanks man. Youre my buddy too.  She is now my girlfriend, so all is good. Im just awk on the phone.