Stitch in my side

Theres a stitch in my side

from running away all this time

a marathon of endless years.

Break a record for pride

come along for the ride

I hope it wont all end in tears.

As my feet slap the pavement

I marvel in amazement

that I seem to lead the pack

Ragged breath coming

the views are all stunning

as I review what I seem to lack.

I'm just a bunny

thats been living so slummy

chased by the braying hounds

Who thirst for my blood

slogging through the mud

New hope is never lost, always found.

Traverse through the wilds

breaking rank and file

sprint towards the doom that we call

a quite peaceful ending

yet so very heart rending

the orange and red of fall.

Theres a stitch in my heart

as I come to the start

of the race I have no hope of winning

as I toe the line

I'm feeling just fine

for this life is just the beginning.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

My sister believes in reincarnation. I kinda do too, in a way.

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The Majority would want

To do it again.



Good write

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