What god can be made lame?

Only one truck dumb by love

and unable to make his dreams reality.

I pity the poor fool incapacitated by

the whims of the lonely heart;

the downfall of those taught not to feel.

Perhaps he shouldve stolen her heart away,

as Hades did to Persephone.

But would he feel guilt?

Are the gods of old not bound by what

makes us mortal men?

Do they not inhabit the same exosphere

that guards us from the pitiless cold of space?

Are we not images of themselves?

Or are they images of us?

Do they traverse the rainbow waters

of the river Styx to better understand us?

Do we understand them, the

gods made lame by our hubris?

Gods that fear, gods that quarrel, gods that love?

We make games like God of War

pretending that we understand their celestial motives.

Isnt ascension the greatest wish of all?

Must we sup nectar and dine on ambrosia

only after toiling on this unpredictable planet

for what feels like eons

yet is as quick as the blink of an eye?

Will we ever be true to ourselves,

man made lame by his own free will?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

went off on a tnagent here

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Like it poofs

Tangents are tangents.

I've been known to going on one or two.