I like to play

Theres nothing better than the feeling

of playing and creating cool music.

I love the bounce of the skins

the polished strength of sticks in my hands;

the liquid resilience of bass strings;

the smooth flow of a violin bow.

The pound of the kick drum

echoes in my heart;

the thrum of bass strings

delve deep into my soul.

I remember back in the day

struggling to play the recorder.

My fingers were so stupid, obstinate.

Now, how vivaciously they fly over the fretboard,

making the dead wood sing.

I'd always get nervous before a show,

so I'd get high to quell the beast.

I felt like such a heathen being blazed

as hell in the house of the Lord.

Its funny, because no one knows if you make

a mistake, unless its rediculously disastrous.

They simply think it planned dissonance.

Theres no better rush than playing in front of a crowd

enrapturing their souls with the holiest of magic;

the music.

Forget the sex, forget the drugs;

all I need is rock n roll. (or metal!)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Played a show today, and it felt great. If you know where the title came from, I'll give you a cookie! (so you can remember your passwords)

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KindredSpirit's picture

Rock on poofs

My brother was the musican in my family.


schmuckjones's picture

Wayne's World?

Wonderful poem Mr. Poofs.  As a musician I have to agree.  Music is awesome.

mrpoofs's picture

You are awarded one cookie!

You are awarded one cookie! Thank you! What do you play? And music is def the best thing ever.