I smoke weed for glaucoma

The darkness closing in on me

I think that Ill get high

soon I wont be able to see

I cherish the time I can see the sky

shadows dancing in the halls

surrealist trip into the ether

monstrous tapestires line the walls

covered by blackened feathers

of my faveorite shadowlark

the one that calls on me in my sleep

rousing me from the fathomless dark

pulling me back from the deep

wormhole beckons from another world

black flames lick my body

programmers code slowly unfurls

my coping skills are shoddy

as I try to fight the blindness

that threatens my family

shuning the programmers kindness

disgiused as civility

the smothering smoke fills my head

that frees me from myself

will encase me in a suit of lead

so nothing can be felt.

I'm crashing down, the ride is over

falling from the stars

before long I'll be forever sober

sporting some cool new scars. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ive had some strange experiences, high or not.

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KindredSpirit's picture

Cancer Glaucoma

Both good excuses.

I can think of more if you give me time.



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haha yeah. theyre everywhere

haha yeah. theyre everywhere if you look for them. especially sleep.