Game Manager

Standing on the sidelines

waiting for my turn

I soon will get my time

the playtime for which I yearn

Rain pours down in droves

the field a flat of mud

Im frozen in my bones

I'll make em all piss blood

plastic on my shoulders

rubber in my teeth

I'm not a placekick holder

I'm a captain, I'm a chief

my teammates are all Vikings

conquerors of ice

we wont ever stop fighting

because victory is nice

cracking back on options

running nines all day

to the wind I throw my caution

working hard on every play

I'll break your head on defense

I'll step up for a pick

I'll disrupt your sequence

I'll take it in for six

hand in hand we battle

for the night that must be won

we'll slaughter you like cattle

dman, I've never had more fun.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Playing football has some of my fondest memories. My coach always told me to make them piss blood while blocking.

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Alright poofs

I know how it is.


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eh? you played too?

eh? you played too?